How to store product data in one place?

PIM, which stands for Product Information Management, is a comprehensive tool for managing, centralising and storing product information in one place. The expansion of sales channels has greatly complicated the management of product information. This module allows you to store information in one place. Learn more !

Solutions to data storage problems

Managing data storage is difficult. The slightest mistake in pricing your business can lead to lost sales and increased costs for urgent repairs. It is therefore necessary to store all your produced data in one place. PIM software allows you to store all the information needed for each link of your marketing and sales activity in the same database. Organisations looking to make the most of their data need a product experience management platform that provides powerful and cost-effective solutions. This helps them simplify management, reduce latency, increase data security and make data more accessible.

How does PIM work ?

When implementing PIM, there are several key steps to take for maximum efficiency. To begin with, you simply need to identify the data products to be sold and those that are in the company's information system. The next step is to clean up the information received. Then comes the filling, which is updating the information. The fourth step is working with suppliers, which means that your company is not the only one involved in the PIM process. Once the consolidation and updating of the data by the team in charge has been completed, it is time to distribute the information via the various sales channels.

PIM: what are the benefits for your organization?

All your employees now have a common and authorised data source. No more exchanging or checking emails to see if they are accurately reported anywhere. You can securely access your data from any computer, in or out of the office. Your web, print and physical software solutions are directly connected to this PIM database and will have automated updates. So there is little risk of error. Effective management of a user's domain(s) can create very useful data for each transaction while storing the database with unwanted entries.

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