Augmented reality : soon the future of e-commerce

Published on : 02 November 20212 min reading time
The various new technologies have always had an impact on businesses and consumer habits. The next major development in business is and will be “v-commerce”. V-commerce will be a mixture of e-commerce and all the new technologies (such as virtual reality or augmented reality). This is why the use of augmented reality can improve its online sales.

Augmented reality for e-commerce

Over the years, e-commerce in France and around the world has continued to grow. As the ability to create e-commerce websites becomes easier, as users’ fear of online payments and ordering decreases, and as other new Internet marketing phenomena (such as direct sales) emerge, the number of merchant websites is also exploding. In the face of this fierce competition from e-commerce sites, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the mass of sales websites. Innovation is usually the solution to this problem. Augmented reality is therefore an innovative solution that can differentiate itself and increase its market share. Augmented reality can be easily achieved and used via tablets and smartphones. Thus, compared to virtual reality, it is easier to use for most potential customers.

Augmented reality : an effective persuasion tool

The health crisis is forcing companies to completely change their sales experience, which undoubtedly reinforces the acceleration of the digitalisation of companies. Augmented reality experiences allow companies to present their products in creative and innovative ways. As 2021 heralds the arrival of an era of global digital transformation for retail and luxury brands, augmented reality is increasingly becoming a satisfactory solution that can persuade the customers to order online and purchase products from retail sites.

Benefits of using augmented reality in e-commerce

Implementing augmented reality for one’s e-commerce site will be an additional, non-mandatory feature for users, which will improve the relationship with customers in addition to offering a new experience to customers. Augmented reality is best suited to consumer products that require buyers to think or make major investments. It turns out that augmented reality is also very interesting for young audiences. In fact, the young generation is more familiar with modern technology, which makes this type of innovation necessary.

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