How to get more leads with A/B testing ?

AB is a technology and a method for optimising digital marketing performance and ROI. Looking for endless growth for your startup ? Start by monitoring your performance and looking for factors to optimise. To do this, you will need to do A/B testing, work A/B testing or live A/B testing ! Please note that A/B testing is still an optimisation technique in digital marketing. However, the objective is the same : to estimate which version performs best in order to optimise its click-through rate and generate more leads.

Equip yourself with the best A/B testing devices !

Among the best-known tools for A/B testing, AB TESTY is the most complete and advanced in this field. It is a solution for large groups that need advanced testing tools. The tool is more than just a test of button colour varieties, but also offers custom pricing. In contrast, AB testing solutions are also more flexible and suitable for SMEs with efficient price/performance ratios. Some all-in-one CRM and marketing tools also offer the possibility to test landing pages or e-mail campaigns. For more information, click here.

Continuous testing !

A/B testing should be an important part of your strategy, i.e. you should always optimise and test. But why do you need to keep testing ? Because the numbers change every day, because the audience gets bored, because you also need to stay in touch with the things that make prospects/customers happy. To give you an idea, the world's largest e-commerce site is still an ongoing A/B test. Knowing that changing the colour of a button can get you 6 extra clicks on your page, you can quickly estimate the extra traffic your e-commerce site can generate with a simple optimization. In fact, it is important to know that perfection does not exist in digital marketing and that the culture of the marketer's job must become a new routine !

New call-to-action !

Do you need more information about AB Testing ? Do you want to optimise the performance of your campaign with A/B testing ? Are you wondering how to really test it with an AB testing tool ? You can contact the site specialised in this field directly to get more explanations and information on the subject.

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