How to deploy new features with confidence thanks to A/B testing ?

Technology is evolving day by day, especially for Internet users. The Internet has become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. Moreover, for some time now, a way to improve the user experience has appeared. A/B testing is a new way of optimising web pages. It allows to analyse and understand the behaviour of visitors in a safe way. How to easily deploy new functionalities thanks to A/B testing ?

Understanding A/B testing !

A/B testing is a method that helps web designers improve the user experience on a website, application or other. It allows to see what works and what doesn't with audiences based on a statistical analysis of performance. It is also known as split URL testing. In this type of test, both variants of the pages are on the same URL. For this purpose, it is important to test each element of a site in order to compare and improve their performance. This can include design, web page titles, text format, size and font. To find out more about this, you should visit this A/B testing site. 

What you need to know before testing !

It is important to understand the visitor's behaviour before starting A/B testing. The most used and effective tool in this case is the heat map. This is a method that contrasts the cold spot and the hot spot, as the name suggests. This heatmap includes several tools to easily identify the clarity and efficiency of a site and the quality of its content. It is possible to track the movement of the mouse with the tool called "Mouse Tracking". Mouse Tracking is a word for mouse and tracking. It is mainly used to study the way each user visits web pages. The "Scroll Map" is another tool that identifies when the visitor scrolls on the page and what he does. The "Click Map" is also a tool to identify the least attractive areas and get the opportunity to optimise them.

Advantages of using A/B testing !

A/B testing has many advantages, since every change made to a site is based on concrete facts.  - First of all, it allows you to optimise a site while improving the visitor's experience.  - It also offers the user a better performance and builds long-term loyalty.  - This type of test also allows us to better understand our visitors by analysing their expectations and needs.  - It also reduces any risk by only making reliable decisions. Moreover, it is an investment based on the proper functioning of the site.  A/B testing helps to improve the profitability of online businesses. However, it mainly consists of comparing two web pages to see which one performs better. In any case, it is an excellent solution for making a website more effective and more visible. And it is also a way of allowing the inbound marketing strategy to develop better.

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