Why are big brands developing their own connected objects ?

Competitiveness is driving almost all major brands to push their own connected objects. As high-tech continues to shape humanity's everyday life, the way people live and behave is also changing with the advance of technology.

What exactly are connected objects?

Connected objects are, as the name suggests, objects that can interact with the world around them. They can affect almost all areas such as health, sport, the automotive sector, etc. To be functional, these objects must be pre-programmed or connected directly to the Internet. There are three main families of connected objects, namely devices and accessories dedicated to the analysis of body data, particularly for health and sport, the personal space interacting with digitalisation and home automation and finally the professional and external world connected with various sensors in the street, in the workplace and in large stores.

Connected objects : an opportunity for big brands

In this world bombarded with connectivity, nothing is created, but everything is transformed. Thus, most connected objects are derived from existing objects. As a reference, connected cars are derived from a classic or hybrid model with the use of an onboard smart computer. The connected house, on the other hand, makes the daily life of its occupants much easier. You can, for example, set the time when your heating is turned on from your smartphone. So the big brands are constantly trying to meet their customers' expectations by trying to find a little more connectivity to make life and daily tasks easier.

Connected objects and the race against the competition

In addition to the trend and demand, competition is also putting a lot of pressure on the connected objects market, regardless of the sector. As a reference, connected sports is a sector offering a huge opportunity for leading brands. For this reason, major brands are constantly pushing their own connected objects in order to combine authenticity and trendiness, but above all to attract the attention of consumers. In this hyper-connected environment, a few changes are all it takes to turn a classic item into a truly connected object. And this innovation will be highly appreciated by enthusiasts. This is true in almost every sector of activity, such as sports, health, social networking, high-tech, etc.

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