What’s next for cryptocurrency ?

Are you interested in crypto-currencies, but still looking for the right currency to launch your investment ? Certainly, note that this still relatively new sector is full of information that sometimes leads you to get confused. Here is a listing of information on crypto currency trends.

What is crypto-currency ?

Crypto-currency is known as a virtual and central bank independent currency. It has no physical basis and is not dependent on coins, cheques, notes... Crypto-currency consists of cryptography used for security and verification. This digital currency has the merit of being secure and transparent. What are the differences between crypto-currencies and online banking applications ? Is this question on your mind ? Then note that crypto-currency is not a platform used for payment. Indeed, it is just a currency. You can use it for trading as well as spending it.

Some key facts about crypto-currencies

Looking for the latest trends in crypto ? Then you should know that the market value of crypto currencies has dropped by $300 billion as of May 2021. Yet, the same value has already dropped by $1.4 trillion in the same month. Only the most well-known currencies remain stable, and even then... Bitcoin itself, which is the leader in cryptos, has seen a 31% drop. This is leading investors to question the value of the currency. For their part, analysts attribute these losses to the fear of these same investors. If only in China, the law represses the mining and marketing of Bitcoins. This measure was taken to have a better control of financial risks.

So what is the future of crypto-currencies?

It has to be said that the crypto-currency sector is still volatile. This is due to the independence of these currencies. Indeed, they have nothing to envy to fiat currencies in this respect, although this often calls into question their stability. When investors want to bet on a given crypto, this allows the value of the crypto to rise. However, if supply exceeds demand, the trend reverts. The ability to penetrate the real economy is another factor influencing the price of these virtual currencies. Using them, you can shop online on various influencing platforms. This allows the currency to gain credibility.

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