How to safely use data ?

Hacking is becoming more and more common these days. It is essential to secure your data since the consequences are dire. Here are some tips to help you exploit your data safely.

Controlling internet access points

Computer attacks and viruses usually originate from the internet. To avoid them, it is advisable to cover access to data. This also applies to Wi-Fi access and mobile devices. Kameleoon can help you customise your website. Unfavourable connections on the workstation should be analysed. The professional ensures that the risk of computer attacks from the outside is reduced. He can give you advice on the type of operating system to use. This is a way to reduce the reception of attacks. USBs should be checked to avoid the spread of viruses. Installed software and anything downloaded should also be scanned. Installing a firewall is also useful, as is having the appropriate protection software.

Monitor and limit access to data

Not all employees have access to all the company's data. The creation of user accounts makes it possible to track the actions of each employee. Some users will have access to certain data that is not available to others. You need to be able to control each user account, including their creation and deletion. Limiting access to data means monitoring data use. USB ports on workstations should not be used to retrieve data. The user could misuse it. It is your duty to make stakeholders aware that they are responsible for the use of the data they have.

The importance of passwords

The choice of passwords is one of the basic elements of your data protection. It is recommended to define complex and long passwords so that they cannot be easily decrypted. Companies should secure their workstations with passwords. Each employee should keep his or her password to himself or herself. Individuality promotes the security of computer data. Employees should not pass them on or write them down somewhere. Someone else could find them. Passwords should also be updated regularly. If you do it every three months, that's already perfect. In fact, the CNIL strongly recommends this.

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