Why is social selling important in a business ?

In order to attract the attention of various targets, your offer must be more personalised every day and give very special attention to each customer. This is why social selling and selling via social networks are important allies of the company's sales team. Nowadays, closing sales effectively has become a real obstacle.

Discovering new customers

A new generation of buyers is staying in touch with social networks, looking for new suppliers and new personalised offers. If your first customer interaction was during the research period and you are not able to provide a personalised solution, you risk being forgotten when making a buying decision. Traditionally, the distribution of the sales team into sales areas is determined by reference to any criteria : postcode, company size, invoice volume, department of activity, etc. This method of prospecting does not take into account the social resources available within the sales team.

Amplifying the reach of the marketing solutions

In today's business model, the time to make a purchase decision has become much longer, while complicating the acquisition process. Neither large nor small companies have a single decision maker. Knowing who is in charge of the company is no longer enough, as decisions are made by different people. Therefore, if there is one key value-added element, it is understanding the company's decision-making structure and its different stakeholders. More than 61% of the valuable content released by the company is not communicated to sales people. Social media allows salespeople to understand, access and search all this material, adding value to it. It allows them to display the image of an expert when meeting potential customers.

Identification as a specialist

Customers buy products from sellers who have established their confidence and capabilities in the new business model. If you do not show your expertise, potential customers are naturally less likely to trust you. Customers expect professionals to listen to their voice and understand their various problems. They want to find a quick and personal solution. Many experts predict that sales jobs will soon be eliminated. But social selling can transform the sales function and add value to customers so that they become professionals who can guide and support customers through all stages of the buying process.

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