Marketing automation : what is it ?

Adapted marketing automation strategies are a very effective way to implement your marketing strategies. What do you need to know about this new tool ? Should you adapt it in your marketing strategies or not and what benefits could you get from it ?

What is marketing automation ?

Marketing automation is one of the key tools to achieve your objectives and to carry out your marketing strategies. In other words, marketing automation allows you to industrialise and automate your marketing campaigns with the aim of simplifying and even automating certain marketing actions. This tool has many features such as : sending emails and SMS according to the behaviour of your customers and contact segmentation. Thus, this marketing automation tool aims to improve the efficiency of your sales force and proves to be an effective way to save more time, to optimize the generalization as well as the management of leads.

How to choose the right marketing automation software?

For a good marketing automation software, some criteria should be taken into account. First of all, you should know which functionality will be best for your business. That is, by analysing what you are missing and what you need to be more efficient. Secondly, you should also define your budgets depending on the features you want to have. Furthermore, it is also advisable to choose tools with teams that are available to you and capable of answering all the questions you may ask when setting up your strategies. Finally, you should not forget to check the integration of marketing tools with your CRM.

What are the advantages of using marketing automation?

Thanks to the use of this tool, you can make analyses on the actions of your visitors. This allows you to identify all types of prospects. In addition, marketing automation also allows you to segment your prospects. That is, you can send targeted messages or emails to those who visit your site. This is very important to build a personalized relationship with them. In other words, you will be in a position to measure click-through rates, the rate of transformation into leads. And finally, it is also possible to make automatic publications on social networks. In other words, thanks to this tool, you can program the automatic distribution of your site's content on your social networks.

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